Repointing Wakefield

At Gillards Building & Maintenance Services, we offer our repointing service to customers in and around the Wakefield area. We can repoint all types of brickwork, including listed buildings, no matter what the age of your property. Get in touch today.


Professional Repointing in Wakefield

We have been offering our professional repointing service to customers throughout the Wakefield area for many years. Over time it’s likely your brickwork will show signs of wear and tear or be in clear need of repointing and that’s where we come in. If you fail to have repointing carried out, it can lead to long-term damage and damp problems. We can repoint everything from chimneys to whole properties, no job is too big or small for our team. If you’re based in the Wakefield area and are in need of repointing, then be sure to get in touch with us today. At Gillards Building and maintenance services all our craftsmen are trained in heritage skills and have the conservation knowledge to undertake repointing work on any type of masonry no matter what the age of your property.

You can read our informative guide on repointing here.


Repointing in Wakefield
Repointing in Wakefield

Our Repointing Service

When it comes to carrying out repointing, we ensure all work is carried out correctly and to the highest standards. The new mortar we use will match the original mortar and the mix will always be softer than the masonry we are working with. Our team have years of experience carrying out repointing and have developed the skills and knowledge needed to provide one of the best services available in the Wakefield area. We have experience working with lime mortar and have been trained by The Scottish Lime Centre Trust. Whether it’s a Victorian-era property or a traditional masonry building, we have you covered.

Benefits of Repointing

Over the years we have carried out repointing for many customers in and around the Wakefield area. All of our repointing work is carried out by trained professional to ensure a high standard of finish. Repointing is one of the most effective ways to restore the condition and physical appearance of a building. We rake out all of the old mortar first, which gives us clean cuts ready for repointing. Some of the main benefits that repointing offers are:

  • Repairs the structural integrity of the brickwork
  • Ensures your walls are weatherproofed
  • Restores the overall appearance
  • Will help to maintain and increase the value of your property
  • Reduces ongoing brickwork maintenance

There are many benefits that repointing offers and above are just a few. You can arrange to have one carried out, simply get in touch with Gillards Building & Maintenance Services. One of our team is always on hand to assist.

Client Testimonial?

Reliable & On Time

We had a problem with deterioration of a sandstone wall due the joints being pointed over with cement mortar stopping the drying of the stone. We were advised by a specialist that the mortar needed to be taken out and repointed with a lime mortar and advised that it needed to be done by hand not mechanically and we should look for a mason experienced in such work. Thankfully we found Gillards. Lee and his team were very knowledgeable and knew exactly what the problem was and have done a fantastic job. I would highly recommend Gillards Building & Maintenance Services and will use their services again if the need arises.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Damp and Repointing

Damp can be caused by many issues and one of the most common is when the brickwork and mortar of a property is failing. Most pre-1920s houses, especially terraces, use cement strap pointing. For the time this was seen as a tidy and efficient option to complete properties, not realising that the cement would trap any moisture buildup in the brickwork; not allowing it to breathe and escape through the joints.

The moisture is then drawn into the property and the plaster, once damp penetrates the plaster it will need removing from the wall and replacing or the mineral crystals will keep appearing; causing the paint to flake off. Damp-proof courses will help to stop rising damp, but it won’t help in releasing the moisture from the brickwork or it drawing through your walls.

Using the right type of mortar and having repointing carried out will allow your property to breathe and the moisture to escape. It will also help to prevent any outside moisture penetrating through your walls. If you’re based in Wakefield and are suffering from damp and think it may be brickwork related, then be sure to get in touch with us today.

Traditional Properties and Mortar

Many traditional properties were built using lime mortar and sharp sand and some used pozzolanic mortar, which is volcanic ash or brick dust. All new mortar needs to match the existing mortar behind the strap pointing. At Gillards Building & Maintenance Services, we have the knowledge and experience required to deal with properties of all ages, especially those in conservation areas.

Using the wrong type of mortar mix could cause the masonry to crack and the faces of the brick/stone to crumble. This most commonly happens when the mortar has no flexibility and doesn’t allow for movement or expansion. The type of mortar we use will depend on the age of the brick and we’ll find the best match to ensure breathability, movement and to help avoid any crumbling.

Efflorescence is also another problem that occurs when the mortar is too strong as it traps the minerals inside the brick much like when moisture penetrates through to the internal plaster it creates the crystallised effect you see on your brickwork or internal walls. Lime repointing is much more difficult to apply and if only the joints are skimmed over, then it will flake/fall off after 5 to 6 years. When we carry out lime repointing, we ensure all old mortar is scraped out to the required depth and the correct mortar mix is applied.

Repointing Wakefield
Repointing Service Wakefield

Why Choose Us For Repointing in Wakefield?

  • We have a team of repointing specialists
  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Work throughout the Wakefield area
  • Can repoint any type of building
  • We work with our customers from start to finish
  • Well-known reputation

Contact Gillards Building & Maintenance Services for Repointing in Wakefield

When it comes to needing repointing in Wakefield or any of the surrounding areas, be sure to get in touch with Gillards Building & Maintenance Services. We can repoint brickwork for any type of property and no job is too big or small for our team. Get in touch today for a repointing quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Repointing in Wakefield?

Why Do I Need to Have my Brickwork Repointed?
it is important to have your brickwork repointed when there are signs of decay or cracks in the mortar this can happen due to weathering or movement in the building the longer the problem goes untreated the more chance you will start to get damp patches appearing on the internal walls of your property. It is important to use the correct mix when making mortar for the repointing work as some buildings require more lime or plasticiser due to movement and expansion of the joints. If this is ignored the mortar can set too strong and any movement can force the bricks to crack or if your lucky the new pointing will be squeezed out. Another problem is efflorescence/salt crystallisation which occurs when moisture is trapped in the brickwork because it’s unable to breathe through the joints and after time this can cause the brick faces to crumble. This highlights why it is crucially important to use the correct mixture for the type of masonry you are working on.
What Causes Brickwork to Need Repointing?
Mortar is broken down by the action of various agencies and being softer than the surrounding bricks, it will usually be the first element to fail. Damp walls subjected to heavy frosts will cause mortar to expand and crumble. Movement in a building due to settlement can induce stresses which produce cracks within the mortar joint. Acidic rain, climbing plants such as Ivy and insects such as Masonry Bees can also be significant factors. Whatever the cause, if mortar is failing, it should be repointed before the damage gets worse. Please get in touch with us if you require more information or if you require a quote!
How Long Does Repointing Last?
10 /20 years would be the minimum before any more repair work should be needed. Often people don’t grind out deep enough and don’t use the correct mortar mixture for the type of masonry this means repair would would be needed much sooner and could even cost more due to incorrect practices. Brick faces can be forced to crumble due to the mortar been too strong, water could penetrate the brickwork if the mortar forces any bricks to crack, often people use what’s called the scratch and stick method this just flakes off after weathering and may only last 1-2 years . We guarantee all out pointing for a minimum of 10 years and we always grind out to a minimum depth of 10-12mm.
What is the Difference Between Tuk Pointing and Repointing?
Repointing and tuckpointing both involve digging out mortar joints to a certain depth and then refilling them with new mortar. Repointing is the actual process of removing damaged mortar joints and renewing them. Tuckpointing is similar in that it involves filling in pre-cleaned mortar joints, but it isn’t always done for damage control. Tuckpointing is a style used for pointing that includes the use of two different colours of mortar in order to alter the appearance of mortar joints.
How Much Does Tuckpointing Cost?
Tuck pointing is a moderately difficult task and takes a lot more time than standard pointing which is reflected in the overall cost. The size of the area to be repointed would have a big factor in the price . Tuck pointing is rarely seen much any more due to the neater shape of bricks today as it was used to hide the miss shaped look of past . As a m2 cost you would be looking at paying from £65.00 depending on accessibility etc. Please get in touch for a quote.
How Much Does it Cost to Repoint Bricks?

The cost to repoint bricks all depends on the size of the area, We generally charge from £65 per square metre. It is important that the bricks are ground out to at least 10-12mm in depth, Mortar is the glue that bonds bricks together to form a strong and resilient structure.

If the joints are not ground out to the required depth the mortar will fall out as there will not be enough grip for the mortar to remain in the brickwork. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions which have not been answered.

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